Inventory of the three major copper giants, who is the real big brother of copper?

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First, the resource reserves PK

Jiangxi Copper is the largest copper enterprise in China and owns Dexing Copper Mine (including Tongchang Mining Area, Fujiawu Mining Area and Zhushaghong Mining Area), Yongping Copper Mine and Chengmenshan Copper Mine (gold-bearing chicken-silver mine) Wait.

The company is located in:
Of which, Dexing Copper Mine produced 154,400 tons of coal per year, ranking the first in the country. As of 2016, the company's reserves of copper metal were 983,000 tons. Resources held by other companies controlled by the Company accounted for approximately 8% 4.43 million tons of copper.
Yunnan Copper owns the company's current interest in copper reserves of 6.5 million tons. Among them, the production capacity of Dahongshan Copper and Pulang Copper Mine is over 10,000 tons, respectively 50,000 tons / year and 22,660 tons / year.
Tongling Nonferrous owns more than mines, with 1.1 million tons of copper resources. Among them, the mine with a production capacity of over 10,000 is Dongguashan Mine, with a capacity of 33,500 tons / year.
Compared with other domestic copper enterprises, Jiangxi Copper has obvious advantages in resources and scale.
Second, self-sufficiency rate of copper concentrate PK
Third, large copper enterprises, Jiangxi copper concentrate production accounts for 13% of the country; Yunnan Copper, Tongling Nonferrous 3%.
The company is located in:
The output of Jiangcong Copper concentrate decreased slightly in 2017, but still ranks the first among the three major copper enterprises. The output of copper concentrate produced by Jiangxi Copper in 2016 will be 210,000 tons / year. The planned output in 2017 will be 208,900 tons, down from 2016. The semi-annual report for 2017 shows that the copper content in the first half of the year reached 10.47 Tons of tons of copper cathode production 644,400 tons, the actual annual output of copper concentrate is expected to exceed 2017 planned production.
Yunnan Copper's copper concentrates production in 2016 was 557.57 million tons, down 97% from the same period of last year. In the first half of 2017, 30.553 million tons were completed, completing 39.41% of the annual plan and 4.05% over the same period of last year. Cathode copper output 277.74 million tons.
Tongling Nonferrous Non-ferrous In 2016, the copper content of copper concentrates completed 47,800 tons, representing a decrease of 1.26% as compared with the same period of previous year. In 2017, the copper content of self-produced copper concentrates is planned to increase to 49.25 thousand tons. The semi-annual report for 2017 shows that the copper content of self-produced copper concentrate is completed at 2.24 million tons, accounting for 45% of the annual plan. Cathode copper output 618,400 tons.
The company is located in:
Output of copper concentrate, Jiangxi Copper's largest output, the first half of 2017 output is 4.5 times the Yunnan Copper, Tongling Nonferrous 4.6 times. Judging from the self-sufficiency rate of copper concentrates, the self-sufficiency rates of Jiangxi Copper, Yunnan Copper and Tongling non-ferrous copper concentrates are 16.24%, 8.03% and 3.62% respectively.
Due to the shortage of copper in China, the self-sufficiency rate of mineral resources in the whole industry is generally low. Although the current self-sufficiency rate of copper in Jiangxi Province has dropped from about 20% in previous years, the proportion of about 16% is still high in the industry Level.
Third, the three major copper prices by-product PK
In the first half of 2017, Jiangxi Copper produced 1.7 million tons of sulfuric acid, 12,532 kg of gold, 247 tons of silver and 3,676 tons of molybdenum concentrate.
Yunnan Copper Sulfate achieved 822,000 tons, 5300 kilograms of gold tons, 259 tons of silver.
Tongling colored sulfuric acid to achieve 213.54 tons, 4418 tons of gold, 204.76 tons of silver.
The company is located in:
Fourth, the cost PK
Domestic copper smelting industry, the average cost of smelting 2,200 yuan / ton.
Jiangxi Copper Guixi plant smelting costs about 2,200 yuan / ton; Tongling Nonferrous Jinlong Smelter is China's most advanced copper smelter, low production costs, tons of copper smelting costs 1,800 yuan; Yunnan Copper as the Espresso furnace The advantages of technology, the company's smelting costs dropped significantly in recent years, the current cost of about 2,000 tons of copper smelting.
Thus, Tongling Nonferrous Metals smelting costs have an absolute advantage.
Five, operating performance PK
Due to a decrease of 13,800 tons of electrolytic copper production, non-ferrous metals Tongling revenue decline; but thanks to higher copper prices, net profit growth. Judging from the net profit, Jiangxi Copper Industry is 1.581 billion yuan, is currently the three largest copper enterprises earn the most. Followed by Tongling Nonferrous, net profit of 395 million yuan. Yunnan Copper net profit of 225 million yuan.
Six, the future outlook
With the soaring prices of copper in recent years, copper enterprises have injected new assets and obtained more reserves of resources.
Jiangxi Copper: In October 2017, the Company plans to purchase assets in Central Asia and Africa to seek overseas expansion. In November 2017, Jiangxi Copper invested RMB236 million in the acquisition of 60% shares of Jiangxi Gold to enhance its competitiveness in the gold business ;
Yunnan Copper: Yunnan itself is rich in copper resources reserves, Liangshan Mining's Lala copper reserves 800,000 tons, copper concentrate production is about 30,000 tons, Pulang mine proved copper economic resources of more than 92 million tons, of which High-level reserves of 760,000 tons, the forecast long-range resources up to 3 million tons, while nearly 300 tons of gold and silver associated ore. The copper resources held by the controlling shareholder Yunnan Copper Group are very large, and the future development of the company is worth looking forward to.